Custom jump

What do you mean by “I had to turn the capsule to simulate physics and disable it”. What do you need to disable? You should be just fine by simulating physics on it and applying a force/impulse (force is designed to be applied over multiple frames, so it would be better if you used impulse. It does the same thing but is designed to be “instantaneous”).

Hi there!

I’m new to the engine so if this is a trivial question sorry.

How would you do a jump from a hanging position backwards. Now it should perform a parabolic move, meaning the lower you fall the less horizontal distance you travel (the animation would do the animation start and go to the loop but that is not what I need). Now what I tried to do it with AddForce, but for that I had to turn the capsule to simulate physics and disable it, but by disabling the force goes lost and the character falls streight down like a piece of wood. The Launch was like a cannon. Now draging it by code is not the best solution. I can call the Jump function from the character but I would like to attach it to the pawn and make not dependent on the Character class. Now I don’t need the code from you but a general idea how to get me on the right track.


The OnHit event triggers when your pawn hits the floor, so you could use it to turn the simulation off again.

Sorry my english isn’t perfect … What I mean is when I turn on simulate physics to true I can apply the the physics on the pawn but when I’m on the ground it has to be turned off because the movement is broken and if someone bumps into me I’m suddenly Pľuščenko :slight_smile: … but the impulse works fine thanks

Did this work for you?

yes thanks … the AddImpulse makes it look pretty natural, exactly what I was searching for. But I had to figure out that when you turn off the simulate physics, you have to set the movement mode to walking on the character explicitly or it breaks.

So everything works fine? If so please accept the answer. Glad I could help!