Custom Items/Dinos disappearing after server restart. Help please!

Hello guys, I am having an issue with custom item skin and dino disappearing after a server restart. I haven’t modified any thing related to save world in the bp, just a straight copy from the blueprint and replaced the static mesh. I’m not sure what the issue is. If anyone can help me out please add me on Steam!

I’d love to know what’s going on as well-- I had EXACTLY the same issue with my RainbowZoo mod! Creatures spawn in, but next time you log in-- GONE. or after a server restart = no more custom creatures.

bump - still need some light on this issue please!!

I downloaded the 234 binaries from here and recompiled / recooked my mod.

After that, mycustom creatures stopped vanishing on a restart.

So I’ve had players on my server complaining about custom (mod) skins from various mods disappearing for them on occasion as well. It may just be coincidence but every time this has happened and they worked with me to test/debug it, the problem went away for them when they did the whole refreshing of the mods routine on their side (unsubscribe to all mods, delete all mods locally, resubscribe to all mods, redownload them all). So that points to, at least for when its happened to us, player’s being out of sync with the server mods on their client side. So, of course, if that’s an accurate cause than the opposite would be too, that is mods being out of date on the server side or if they had errors during uploads to the server side might also be a cause of this issue.

It could be the devkit that the modder was cooking with had corrupted files. Like the OP did, its best to reverify the devkit if you see this issue.