Custom Input Mapping Plugin

A plugin that exposes 12 axes and 12 buttons for custom input mapping. If you ever wanted to pre-process some input more than just scaling before it goes to the input mapping system, combine inputs but still use IM, or if you want something to support IM which doesn’t natively support it you can now do this all from blueprint with this plugin.

The functions to update the axes and to trigger the button events are globally available (the plugin is exposes a blueprint library) and their events have the same context as any other input events.

Grab the plugin at
Download Link

Here’s an example video that shows how to use the plugin to link the Oculus Rift orientation to custom pitch and roll axis, which forward to MoveForward and MoveRight without changing any game logic.

Does the Custom Input Mapping Plugin support DirectInput game controllers such as steering wheel/pedal set?

CIM helps where you have blueprint values that are exposed to you and you want to turn those into input mapping axis or button events. If a controller isn’t available to the engine this plugin will not help.

If the engine doesn’t support DirectInput natively, your best bet would be to bind it to the engine (check out Hydra Plugin for example of how that is done). In your case MC Stryker is working on bind from a Joystick perspective, 3 New Plugins - Joystick/HOTAS Support, Blueprint Easing Functions, Saitek X52 Pro - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums which may help you. You can then use CIM to give his plugin support for input mapping.