Custom Input Devices fo UE4

Hi to everyone,
I am new to UE4 and it’s forums, so I appologize for creating new thread if it breaks some internal rules or if some similar already exists.
The whole engine is a true masterpiece and seems totally fantastic, but also is very complex and some aspects looks a little bit confusing for a newbie.

I am going to start new project aimed on NUIs (natural user interfaces) for UE4, because I love programming in C++ and I am really interested in things like image or speech recognition.
I would like create new possibilities to connect users with virtual universum of UE4 and I want to start with Kinect (Kinect v2 for desktop apps) which I want to make usable in UE4 apps and projects.
I found that there is already project with similar aim, but I would like to explore this filed on my own because I like touch the heart of the things I am interested in :slight_smile:

For me it looks like there are two possible ways of doing it - creating new engine plugins or modding UE source code. But now I am as a Buridan’s donkey between these two possibilities.
Could someone experienced give me advice which approach would be better and why? I think it can save me a lot of time and many possible problems in future.
I read some papers about new plugin creation and could not find any problem of using plugin (and for me it looks like plugins were designed basically for this - that you can avoid editing an engine core),
but maybe I am missing something and editing source would be better in this cause? Also I am completely new to blueprints (which looks pretty accesssible), but C++ programing is not a problem for me.

It would be superb if someone could bring some light on the path I am going to go and I could start to program with clear and focused mind, thank you :slight_smile: