Custom input device with emulator

I’m trying to create a custom input device plugin that works with a specific emulator since the controller’s SDK isn’t available for UE4 yet, but I’m having trouble getting the project to recognize the emulator’s custom inputs. I’ve followed this tutorial to create a custom input device, and it seems to be compiling just fine with the project:

I’m able to add “Left Stick Y” as a custom key and it appears in the Input Mapping options in the Project Settings, but I can’t get my plugin or project to recognize the emulator’s input. If it helps, here’s a screenshot of the emulator with the specific controller input I’m trying to map:


Essentially, I need the project to recognize the “Left Stick Y” and “Left Stick X” input and have the project react to those inputs the same way as the Gamepad Left Thumbstick Y-Axis and Gamepad Left Thumbstick X-axis. I know that the project is communicating with the emulator since there is a Mouse X and Mouse Y option in the emulator, and the project reacts to those inputs just fine.

I’m not sure if I’m just not naming the key correctly, or if something isn’t linked properly. This is my first time writing a plugin so I’d appreciate any help.