Custom hardware cursors not working in cooked build FIX


I am making an RTS game so custom hardware cursor is must for me. I’ve ran into a problem where the custom hardware cursors would work in PIE but not in cooked builds (unless player exited and re-entered the game window with the mouse cursor). After messing with the cursor capture settings in the Project Settings, I’d get to a stage where HW cursor would work but locking the cursor to the viewport or capturing the cursor events would not.

At last, I’ve finally figured out the combination of settings one needs to set up to achieve both HW cursor correctly initializing at the cooked build launch, but at the same time cursor being captured by the game window. Here it is:

By setting the Viewport Properties section of the Input tab in Project Settings to this specific combination, you should have both cursor locked to viewport and captured by the game window, as well as HW cursor initializing properly.

I hope someone finds this useful in future :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks a lot, dude!

This helped me a lot! Just logged in to comment. Thank you so much!