Custom grip snapping sizes.

Hello! I have found it rather odd to work with the current grip snapping, as I like to prototype (and to a large extent, build) with “tiles”, and currently the grid snap means I either have to use very odd sized tiles, or play around with scale being messed up.

If there is no technical limitations, I would love of movement grid had options “X grid” “Y grid” & “Z grid”, so that the grid slot can be matched exactly to the tiles/blocks/what ever you are using, making working much more precise and fast.
Thank you!

You can set custom grid and snapping sizes in Editor Preferences > Viewports > Grid Snapping(extend the little white arrow.)

I’ll look into it.

OMG, i lost hours because i did´n find this before ! Thank you ! :smiley:

Is there any way to set the grid snap value to a specific number? I want to set it to 25 because 5 is too small, 50 is too big and 10 messes it all up.

Edit: Nevermind, Found the advanced settings tab and was able to change it.

THANK YOU!! It just saved me a lot of time!