custom grid rotation possible?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to use custom grids within the ue editor? or if not, if something like this is planned for a future update. Like for instance a manually positioned grid at a 45 degree angle. when working with grid aligned elements, something like this makes it very easy to have an entire section of a level at an angle like that to break from the 90 degree setup. A good example for this would be the levels of alien isolation which use something like that quite frequently.

I’m also interested by a custom grid. A function that allow to snap to a reference.5758c8bcea6864e79c0cd6661538009edeb0a068.jpeg

Is it possible to do this in unreal editor ?

any updates on this topic? was googling for any news but only stumbled over my own thread. Since this practice is used quite heavily in the industry I`m wondering why there appears to be so little interest in something as crucial as this? :confused:

I created an answerhub question to maybe get some more traction on this: creating multiple custom local aligned grids within the editor - UE4 AnswerHub

you can use local grid movement for objects in unreal easily, theres a tickbox for that in the viewport next to the grid size setting (the globe means youre in world-space grid, the cube means youre local-space), but AFAIK there’s no way to set the local transform to a seperate object. this would be cool, but IMHO its just easier to use local transforms and do the individual rotation of objects after they’ve been positioned to the custom grid.
super useful

Here’s a .GIF showing the local transform mode:

you can toggle between local and world by clicking this button:

it would be nice for the grid in the viewport to update to the local transform mode, but even if it doesn’t the functionality is all there.