Custom Gravity and Wall Walking in UE4

So I recently set out to make a project in which you would be able to walk upon walls when you reach the edge of them, similar to the scene from the movie inception where the city is flipped (

I then found out that UE4 seems to handle gravity and other vector based physics pretty badly and it seems to be the case that the engines source code only allows it to point downwards on the Z axis. Does seem they are going to fix that at some point though as it’s on their 2017 backlog on the roadmap.

Here’s a bunch of questions i need answering about the whole situation if you’re willing to do so. :slight_smile:

  1. How would I go about implementing custom gravity directions in the engine and being able to have the character face a different direction than down without stuff like the camera not rotating properly without turning off “use pawn control rotation”?

  2. Will it require me to delve into C++ or is it possible to do in blueprint with the “Add force nodes”?

  3. Will it require me to use a custom movement component?

  4. Can it be replicated across a networked game?

  5. How do I make it as efficient as possible without any hacky workarounds? (It needs to not lag across the network and support around 24 players in a game together maximum)

Thank you very much for reading. If you could give me some answers I would be over the moon! Cheers.

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