Custom game mode

Is it possible to specify a custom Game Mode instead of using the mod example one? The mod i have in mind doesn’t need any of the systems currently in place. Or at least not by default. I tried creating a generic pawn and new game mode but something seems to be overriding it. I also tried using the pawn with the example game mode and game data but it seems to require the pawn to have a bunch of bones that are unique to a biped model. It was crashing the editor when i tried to preview, i can’t remember the error right now but it was something about a function with a name that seemed to be referring to the skeleton.

Basically i was hoping to start with a blanker slate and add game features that i need.

I guess that depends on what you mean by “custom game mode”. The GameMode blueprint has definitions relating to rates (damage, health etc), overrides for some variables defined in PrimalGameData and maybe a few other things. It does not actually control that much of how the game works.

Also, if I’m reading this correctly, whatever you have in mind might not be possible with the ARK devkit alone.

What i mainly want is a player without out any of the survival aspects and assumptions that you are a male or female human. From my understanding the gamemode is basically the entry point for all the logic in the level so if you could change that you could change just about anything.

by the way this was the error i was getting