Custom FPS melee animations?

Hello everyone!

I’m working on my first project with Unreal (I have some experience using Unity but decided to try out another engine) and I can’t figure out how to make melee animations from a first person perspective. Most tutorials online are focused on third person animations.

How should I go about this? Is there any way to import the default first person ams into Maya, create the animations and import them back into the FPS project?

Thank you for your help!

The first person template project has arms with an animation that plays when you shoot the gun. You can export both the arms and that animation and edit them in maya. Importing is as easy as exporting the animation as an fbx and then importing it into your project. Here is a doc epic made for importing animations:

To test it easily: replace the default firing animation to your own (found inside the character blueprint). That way when you hit the fire button while playing, it will play your custom animation.