Custom FBX model, getting black "checkers" once building light

Im quite new to the Unreal Engine world.
I just tried to import a custom model that I exportet from Maya with the FBX-format.
Imporing the model went fine, but once I build the lightning it shows up some sort of “checkers” all in the material.
If I dont remember this incorrectly you need to add an extra UV-map of some sort for the lightning to work… or am I wrong?
Could someone please point me in the correct direction, or explain to me what to do?

Thanks in advance!

Could you post a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

You are correct about UV channels for lighting. You need a UV channel that has no overlap and is in the 0-1 space. If your uv channel 0 has this you’re fine, if not you need to create an additional channel with this data and set it to use that channel in the static mesh’s properties.

-Make sure you have a 2nd uv channel
-also add a lightmass importance volume to your level

Make sure you are exporting the FBX using versions 2013 not 2014, UE4 only supports 2013 FBX correctly at this time

Thanks for a quick reply!
Im affraid Im not allowed to post any screen-shots… :frowning:
But since Im quite sure there are no lightmap added, then I will try with that first.
Thanks once again!