Custom Events not working with multiple AI

Hey Guys , Happy New Year. Ok this is just an example quick to help me with my problem. I have a sniper and i have a zombie. So my plan was to when the sniper shoots ,he fires off an Event inside the Zombie blueprint telling the zombie to DIE and yes i know there are much easier ways but like i said ,just an example. ok Now that works but now if i duplicated the zombie I take it the Event only fires off to one cause only one DIES. So my first thought would be to Make like a Master Charector Blueprint so the Event would fire off killing both zombies at the same time even if i shoot one. I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible. So then i thought plan C ,Doing the killing through collision presets cause in some way a Events being fired off there so like a collision preset with projectile overlap only ,so if i were to say, on collision overlap DIE. Which worked but thats not what we want. So Plan D , Make a new folder ,stick the zombie blueprint in and duplicate it like 200 times Which um well your proberly slaping your foreheads right now but still not what we want. So please please guys can you help me and one more thing Alexander Pascal that works at EPIC ,thank for the bad service i learned what im dealing with.