Custom Event to Update Every Frame?

Is it possible to create a custom event that updates every frame? I am trying to replicate what the tick event does.
Can anyone tell me how to do this please?
Thanks a lot

If you just want to inform another blueprint or graph when tick gets fired you can just create a new custom event, and then hook it up to be called every time tick gets called, but I have a feeling that’s not quite what you mean.

Are you looking to use both tick and your event or use your event as tick? Can you give us some more info on what you are trying to accomplish?

I am trying to use both the tick event and a custom tick event.

The Tick event itself is called from code, so in order to create a completely separate tick event it would require some work in C++.

But if you are wanting to have the custom tick fire whenever the original tick fires, you would want to call the custom event from the Tick event, this will cause the custom event to fire every tick.

Hope that helps, but if not please provide us some more information on what you want the separate tick event to do, whether the custom event gets sent to a separate blueprint, and whether it gets fired on a delay, etc. We will need more info on this in order to help you.


You could use a custom event and a timer. The timer gets called by the Event Begin Play and is set to Loop. At least that’s what i remember.

Tick event is made to inform object to update itself for next frame, it’s a essential event that makes things on screen move, there more complex mechanism behind it that manage when and in what order objects are ticked. So i don’t really understand why you want to replicate that function, in the end you will end up using tick anyway :stuck_out_tongue: or else you searching for time based event (lot of people misunderstand Tick as time based event… which isn’t) then as eXi suggest use looping timer that calls function in loop every specific time.