Custom event tick?

I need an event tick that will update each minute or more.
Also looking for a best way to implement performance friendly time counter. Currently having a 1 second delay connected to event tick.

Here are 2 ways to do it ( by using a timer or changing regular tick interval )

One approach is to simply instrument the standard tick with some logic to test an accrued delta time variable. Simply keep adding delta time until it exceeds a threshold then execute code and reset…

But you can also create an additional tick with a different frequency (using c++) (Which is also particularly useful if you have behavior you want to execute in different tick groups)

“In addition, an actor or component can have multiple tick functions. This is accomplished by creating a struct that inherits from FTickFunction and overriding the ExecuteTick and DiagnosticMessage functions. The default actor and component tick function structures are good examples of how to build your own, and can be found in EngineBaseTypes.h under the names FActorTickFunction and FComponentTickFunction.”

If you are interested in more tick details ( or need help falling asleep :wink: ) I wrote a lengthy blog post on the Tick ( and TaskGraph) at