Custom Event Only Works First Time? Doesn't work when I hit play again

Hello, hoping someone can help, I’m at my wits end.

I’m trying to combine a lockpicking BP with a door BP that already has a lock system but not lockpicking. I’m able to pick the lock like I intended but it only works the first time. When I hit play again, the door doesn’t unlock after picking it.

Have you tried using debug nodes or print strings to see where your code stops? Events simply don’t just stop working.

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You should try running some print string in branches and events. Check if casting failed while executing note or value is false. As well you do the same thing in the branch in this image did forget to change any value or this the way you wanted to go with

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot, and its set up so that the top one is if it’s already unlocked/ just got lockpicked and goes straight to opening it, the bottom on is if it gets unlocked by a key and leads to a unlocking animation