Custom event not firing when called


Currently in the middle of setting up recoil animations for my first person view in the third person template (TPS/FPS project).

I am having trouble getting a custom event inside my animation BP to fire when called from within my character BP;
The character mesh in question is set to use the animation BP in question, the animation BP is referenced correctly (successfully cast, tested this way and that for hours), and the Call node for the custom event fires off a break point when debugging. The custom event itself, however, does not. Can anyone take a look at these screenshots and try to make sense of what is going on?

FYI, I have tried with a custom event dispatcher, bound to the custom event, to no avail. Besides, my understanding was that custom events inherently possess the same functionality as dispatchers?

The code supposed to call the custom event - this is in the character blueprint

The code supposed to fire the custom event - this is in the animation blueprint
(The code coming into screen left is the end of a long long line of execution from Event Blueprint Update Animation - all nodes from this event has been tested with breakpoints)

The code establishing a working reference to the animation blueprint from within the character blueprint on BeginPlay

Is your AnimBPRef Null? I usually cast my character as refence inside my animation bp :slight_smile:

Hello ! In my case it was because the game was in pause !