Custom Event Hotkey ... please for the love of all UE4 Blueprinters...Especially Multiplayer ones

I’m not sure why this wouldn’t be possible since we have hotkeys for other nodes (including Begin Play event), this one should definitely have one with the many times I’ve needed to create Custom Event nodes.

Since C is already taken by Comment, maybe by default Alt-C click, or whatever. But can we please just get it onto the Spawn Node by Chord list!


Edit: We should have this functionality inside the Editor. We shouldn’t have to use .ini files to add these in. But at least it’s possible.

What about E? Taken already?

It would be so convenient… [entering dreamland]

Can’t you do that already by editing BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini? ([BlueprintSpawnNodes])

Not sure, you tell me. Actually, for some odd reason, I thought I saw the ones that were exposed in Editor Settings, but now I can’t find them. But anyway, these settings should all be exposed and if we want to add a new node to spawn and the appropriate hotkey, we should be able to directly from the Editor. .ini editing is so 1990’s.

(BTW, it doesn’t work)


+Node=(Class=K2Node_Event Key=E Shift=false Ctrl=False Alt=false)](

Hit me up if I did something silly.

I use this line and it work.

+Node=(Class=**K2Node_CustomEvent **Key=E Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

in BlueprintSpawnNodes] block in C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\UE_4.17\Engine\Config\BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini


Sweet thanks. I’ll give it a shot. Should have tried that. No idea why I didn’t.

You my good gentledev have saved me. I thank thee. /longbow

Definitely should still be enabled by default, but also we should be able to do this in the Editor. Thanks again!

Well, I created a pull request for it :wink:

I couldn’t find a way to expose bindings from that ini to Keyboard Shortcuts editor. It seems such customization doesn’t exist :wink:

Does this still work? Editing BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m trying to make R a shortcut for creating reroute nodes.

Yes, still works for me.

Sadly it does not work as of UE4.26. Unless there’s a typo in the code posted.

See for how other ones are implemented, but it is without the stars
+Node=(Class=K2Node_CustomEvent Key=E Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

Thanks man! This is a wonderful suggestion! Be well!

Hey, just remove the asterisks (**) from the code line. Then it will works as it should be.

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Thanks guys!

Thanks, I’m using this in UE5, not sure why this is still not by default, like if to add custom events was not the most usual thing to do.

The only edit for UE5, the double asterix is not needed, just added it like this:
+Node=(Class=K2Node_CustomEvent Key=E Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

Thanks everyone. For the Unreal 5.1.1 its a bit different. It goes like this:

+Node=(Class=/Script/BlueprintGraph.K2Node_CustomEvent Key=E Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

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Can confirm this works in UE 5.3.1+ Thanks!