Custom event graph per actor?

Hey guys!

I’m wondering if you can attach/edit different event graphs for different actors/objects inside the scene. I’m assuming this is 100% impossible, but I just want to check.

The reason I want this is because the dialog system I’m building has a custom event for each character (different dialog requires different nodes on event)
If that’s confusing, here’s an example dialog. Notice how the dialog is built into an event inside a event graph. I would rather not create a different blueprint for each different dialog. :slight_smile:


You could have some sort of exposed integer variable in your actor blueprint, and then do a switch on int, which would branch off to different options based on the integer value (for player 1, you’d set the int to 1, player 2, set the int to 2, and so on…)

Create a new blueprint of the actor class and assign it’s mesh to whatever you need it to be.

Mmmmm okay, that’s what I thought. I was hoping for a way to create a blueprint without having a blueprint file, but I see that this isn’t possible. I’ll probably end up having a system for the fill in characters: have variables that change what it says without having different blueprint. Alrighty, thanks guys. :slight_smile:



Hahahaha I meant create a event graph LOLLL

You can create as many event graphs as you want, within the limitations of the blueprint system.