Custom event from game mode to actor

i have this issue for 2 days now and i cant find solution for it.
i am trying to call custom event on my actor from my game mode
the function is just print string.

when i call from my actor it print in game mode
but when call from game mode it dont print in actor.
any idea how to solve this or any suggestions how to do it right way?

i forget to mention my actor is spawned in the scene and the game mode is active

How you set “myactorin”?

i just create new blueprint from actor class.
and put the functions

you mean in my game mode i add new variable with my actor name_C

just upload some photos and i only add a variable in my game with actor name_C to have access to the functions

So you just set a type and not setting the varable… so thats a problem, because you making call to nothing this way, you need to get actor first and set it to varable

Watch my video about the basics of classes and objects:

hey thanx for the helpful video

here is how i solve it if any one seeking for answer