Custom Event compile loop.

So I have two actor blueprints, A is calling a B custom event which in turn is calling an A custom event… I guess it makes sense that it won’t work if the compiler tells all calls to A’s custom event that blueprints using it will need to get recompiled, so it will go into a loop.

I’ve attached an image showing that, I’m just interested in hearing if there’s a workaround for it or if I will just need to create the event elsewhere.


Sorry for the bump but this is starting to bug me and I’m worried I’m going down some dark alley here… I’m not even sure it’s the custom events, it could maybe be happening if one is referencing blueprint A inside B while referencing B in A as well I’m thinking, in any form?

I’m sure it’s a total rookie mistake but I’m just not sure how to handle it yet. It seems to be working even if my compile buttons still lit up saying they should get compiled, just as long as I’ve clicked compile on all of them.


I’m having the same sort of issue. I think it does have something to do with the custom event loop where the gameplay “logic” is being transferred from one object, to another, then back to the original object. Or it could have to do with casting the object, but I’m not sure.
In my case, whenever I compile one of my blueprints, it de-compiles the other one, and vice versa. Not sure how to fix it though.

You’re creating infinite loop which never ends, what behaviour did you expect? O_o
It’s like “While loop” without restrictions

Well as my first post says, I do think it makes sense. My question is more what the heck to do about it.

First of all - does the need to recompile dependent blueprints when compiling current blueprint happen on events only? Does it happen when grabbing references of blueprint actors’ variables? Any time you reference anything at all from another blueprint (functions etc)? I’d guess so, would be nice to know if there are specific rules for this.

Secondly - what shall one then do about the need for grabbing data in this A into B and B into A way? Use blueprint interfaces? Anything else that might work? Is this a really bad thing one should really avoid? Like I said, it seems my game is running fine with this problem still being there, which again, makes kind of sense.

Any input into this would be great to hear.

I am having issues with this one myself. What I am considering is making a interface with all the functions i need and link towards the inteface instead of the implementation, the interfaces should stay the same thus no recompile I would hope if the implementation is changed?