Custom EQS Generator not working

Ok, i’m trying to make my custom eqs generator, but it doesn’t work, so here’s my setting:

  • in the scene there are 3 Target C (a child class of TargetPoint) actors
  • in my custom query a use ContextC, a simple GetAllActorOfClass context
  • as query Generated Item Type i selected point
  • in my generator i simply cycle trough the ContextLocations, print the coordinates to the log for debugging, and add the location with the AddGeneratedVector
  • the output log display correctly the locations coordinates
  • in the viewport i get just one point from the eqs query in (0,0,0)

Where am i wrong? Is there something i forgot?

I also found other question about the same topic, but all those where based on the “spike-around-querier” example, so none of those made use of Context Locations input, and all of those use a temporary array to store the locations and then use the AddGeneratedVector in a second loop: isn’t it much easier to add the location on the fly just after calculate them as i do?

Oh, obviusly the editor crashes if the AddGeneratedVector node is linked to the rest of the generator :smiley:

If anyone stumbles upon this question, I had the same problem and the solution was to change the Generator blueprint. Go into your blueprint, and select the Class Defaults tab. From there, set the Generated Item Type to EnvQueryItemType_Point. You have to change it in both the Env Query Generator AND the EQS itself.

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