Custom Environment Context Location not recognized

Need some help with making new EnvQueryContexts. My can make use of a lot of custom contexts, but so far my simple attempt is not working. I would like to be able to provide contexts from an AIController’s BlackBoard as well, but wanted to clear this up to see if it would fix those issues I’m encountering.

My issue is that neither the EQS Testing pawn nor the AI recognize a new context. This was made from “EnvQueryContext_BlueprintBase” and only invokes the ProvideSingleLocation function:

The plan is to have the AI prefer to move down hill to simulate being more efficient use of energy, and so on a given radius(500) I check the Z-distance offset from the querier [actorLocation - (0, 0, 150)] to get an average slope of the path.

A generated item that is 150 units below the actor should be scored at 1 if the Z-distance test prefers lesser (weight = -1). Here is the resulting scores of EQS_Downhill using the testing pawn, the results at the sides should be the best, the ones at the top and bottom of the screenshot should be less. (note this screenshot does not make a circle because of the navigation properties)

Instead as you can see the query is completely ignoring the offset location that I tried to implement, the top points on the image are at the same level as the Querier and are ranked the best.

Is there something that I missed or did wrong; or is this a possible bug?

Thank you,

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