Custom Editor Plugin Issues

Hey Guys!

So using a combination of the plugin tutorial on the wiki and Rama’s custom vertex snapping editor plugin,
I’ve been trying to come up with my own that will allow me to dynamically work with my custom spline actors, etc.

Unfortunately… I’ve hit a snag.

I think I’ve done the descriptor correctly.

Everything builds fine, although I completely ignored Epic’s coding standards,
as I can’t be bothered with the Public/Private/Classes structure, and not to mention it confuses me slightly when I can’t directly reference something.

(I’m still learning though!) :3

I enabled my plugin and what not,

ScreenHunter_97 Jun. 07 09.55.jpg&stc=1

and then I set up the engine reference in the DefaultEngine.ini,


and then this happens:

ScreenHunter_97 Jun. 07 09.52.jpg&stc=1

I don’t understand why either…
I’ve tried multiple forms of debugging, but I’m not getting any response other than the above…
And it only appears when I do a full rebuild.

I’ve included the source files and the built plugin HERE.
(No real functionality yet… I JUST WANT IT TO WORK)

If any of you can help me at all that would actually be fantastic…

I’m actually annoyed that it builds fine… No debug info,
so I think it must be either the UPlugin file, the build file, the Module file or how I’ve referenced it in the DefaultEngine.ini

Thanks guys as always!



It has to be your plugin as the first part not the class again

like this


so if your plugin is named this


use this


Hey Rama!

Unfortunately it didn’t work, and I was worried that it might be the plugin name was clashing with the project name,
so I changed the UPlugin file and the folder name to GDGEditorPlugin, rebuilt everything as Development_Editor,
then changed the above to:


Have I got the actual file location correct?

UPlugin Location:


GDGEdEngine Module Location:


looking at your plugin more carefully I noted that your plugin module name actually is


inside of your uplugin file



should actually work!

It would be worth making a small blueprint function library and adding it to your plugin and seeing if you can get those nodes to appear in the editor after enabling your plugin

then you’d know if your plugin was truly working correctly