Custom Dyes?

So far I am just trying to duplicate the existing ones in my mod, but they cause a crash every time.
I did a direct copy of existing dyes and I have tried both editing the “master dye list” and not touching it - still crashes upon dye use.

Am I missing something or is there currently no way to edit dyes?

Bump, would really like help with this. Or at least closure, if anyone knows for sure.

Removing dyes from “master dye list” in PrimalGameData doesn’t actually prevent dyes from working (on armor pieces at least). However, attempting to use copied or childed dyes crashes the ADK…

So apparently the one requirement for dyes to work is for them to be present in the master item list. That’s it. Without that, they are ignored and/or crash the game/editor.

have you had success making custom dyes? i would like to give this a try