Custom DLLs

In unity I was able to code custom DLLs to extend and clean up my code base. Is such a thing possible in Unreal Engine 4?

If so, how do I do it? Would it work with blueprints (visual scripting) or would it just work with straight C++ exclusively?

Blueprint is not compiled to machine code so obviously you can’t make DLL with it. UE4 have module system (similar to what you got in Linux kernel), engine code is divided in to lot of modules compiled to DLLs (SOs in Linux systems, not sure about Mac and iOS :p) which can be dynamically load and unload, when you make C++ project you create your own module which technically extends the engine. If you wish you can make more then one module, it’s even recommanded to do so if you plan to code something extra in to editor so it code can be divided in to runtime and editor and in runtime you can have only runtime module. Here you have docs about it:

Thank you for the info & link :smiley: