Custom dino spawn question

I made a boss dilo and I want to add fire to him. I can get it to work if i use admin command to summon him, but it he spawns in using the games spawners he doesnt have the fire on him. So my question is how, if its even possible, to get a dino to spawn with the particles using the in game spawners.

Add him to a spawn that you sublclassed then remap that spawn in the primalgamedataBP then wait for him to spawn, or you can start a fresh game and when it populates it will be there.

if you changed any mesh at all on anything, you need to make sure that the mesh or particle effect you use is referenced in your mod folder before you cook it out. I actually had the same problem with my fire arrows on sinari and I’s Cannark mod. So make a dup of the mesh or particle you chose and then move it to your mod folder. Make sure to change the particle reference on the dino to be the new dup particle. Hopefully this helps!

@M1k3_C, I’ve done that.
@ Mr.Pwndabear, I’ve also done this.

I have done all of this stuff and if he spawns naturally it will not have the fire. I have everything in the mod folder. I even tried adding a socket to the mesh and attaching the fire to that socket. He just refuses to spawn with the fire. He does spawn, but not with the fire.

Where are you adding this fire effect within the blue print?

I’m attaching it as a component in the dinos char bp. I don’t see a space for it anywhere else.

That is not how you do it heads up. You would need to remap the Dilo’s poison attack for example, and replace the poison particle effect in the attack to fire instead.

Hope this helps!

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Not what I was talking about sin. I know that, im asking about making him spawn naturally on fire. but its find i made a workaround and turned it into a boss of sorts.

Ah my apologies good sir, misunderstood what you were trying to accomplish! In that case, I’m not entirely sure. Let me investigate and see if I can figure it out.

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