Custom dino look and textures


my first question is how can i add meshes to custom dinos ? I’ve seen that in a couple of mods like foreworld myth. What i mean is how can i add (for example) an artifact to my custom dodo mesh/character so he wears it like a hat ?
I have tried it but the artifact just stays there and doesn’t follow the animations of the dodo.

my second question is what is the best way to customize/edit textures ?

Because I’m a newbie to the ADK I hope you understood everything. :smiley:
Thank you very much.

Q1) You need to hook it to a socket.

Q2) Depends on how you want to “edit” the textures. If you just want to change/edit colors, there’s several ways to do it.
You can change the “hue” of the actual base material texture in the devkit.
Alternatively you can export the texture and edit it in a paint program.
You can also do some pretty powerful material/color editing via the graph.
Lastly, you can do basic changes by simply changing the “DinoColorSet” definitions

Q1) For adding to the mesh

Q2) For basic color definition edits

Thanks ! :smiley: Really helped me out a lot ^^