Custom "Development Launcher"

I got tired of writing batch files to do things, as well as launching the editor to start pretty common “programmer” tasks for testing and development.

Pretty basic so far. Started as a reason to learn Slate and ‘standalone app’ programming for UE4, but its coming along nicely.


I do a lot of ‘custom’ things when I build projects and stuff, and I tend to recreate this automation for every project I work on for both myself and for my clients. Now I can just drop this program in any engine build without issue.

Code is very experimental and hasn’t been cleaned up yet. Will do a refactor / clean up pass once my desired functionality is done.

If you have any suggestions you would like to see, please let me know.

Github: GitHub - Allar/lazyploy-launcher: Custom Launcher/Frontend for UE4 to help automate build deployments

Thanks for your code! Started looking into it and also found all the other programs from Epic. BlankProgram is a nice starting point.