Custom Dataprep - Collision Channel Response


I’m enjoying the new Dataprep nodes in 4.27, especially the new one for Collision Complexity.
But because there are no nodes for Collision Channels, I’ve modified an already working Dataprep BP for my needs.

Unfortunately, it isn’t working as expected. I tried a PrintString in the last For Each Loop, until then everything works as intended. But the desired Collision Channel isn’t changed for the specific meshes.

Here is my previous BP, which should Setup Static Lighting in different ratios for different assets.
This BP is working quite fine - don’t know why the other isn’t.

Anybody has any idea why it fails? Or if I’m doing something really really really wrong? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance & all the best!

Took me a while, but I’ve probably found the reason and also the solution to my problem.

The ‘Set Collision Response to Channel’ did already work, but what was missing was the Collision Profile Name. If the Profile remains on Default, the whole thing won’t work. So with another node, the Set Collision Profile Name to Custom, everything works fine now.

Just in case someone else is facing this little problem :slight_smile:

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