Custom DataAsset with Blueprints?

Now that custom structs can be created in the editor it would be helpful to store struct values as assets in the content browser so they can be easily assigned in the details panel. As far as I understand this is possible in C++ by deriving from DataAsset. In Blueprint this does not seem to be possible and when creating a new DataAsset only the predefined types can be choosen (BlackboardData, ScriptAsset, TireData). Am I missing something here?

In case it is not that clear what I want to do, an example:
Lets say I create a Color struct (yes I know there already is one, just as an example). Then I would create a ColorAsset that holds a Color struct. I could then create assets in the content browser: Red, Green, Yellow, Black, White, etc. Some other blueprint would then get a ColorAsset variable and when editing the objects details in the editor an asset selector would appear (as does now for textures, meshes, etc.) that lists all available ColorAssets (Red, Green, Yellow, Black, White, etc.).

I know I could create something similar with a custom enum and a blueprint function containing a huge Select node, but this does not integrate well with the current editor workflow.

I’m also interested in the answer to this question.

Late answer, for the benefit of other people looking for the answer.

Add this meta tag to your UCLASS() macro : BlueprintType

For example

class HYPERSPACE_API UCustomAsset : public UDataAsset

How would someone go about doing this? Not sure where to find the file to edit. Thanks!

This is/would be extremely powerful, allowing for more modular content with readily exposed (easy to tune) parameters. Could this be added in an update, an exposed workflow for people who are developing using blueprint exclusively?

Now you can create child blueprint class from UPrimaryDataAsset, and then create editor instance of that class via rightclicking cotent broser/ Misselnounce/ Data Asset/ Choose your new class/ click create

Do you know what version this was added?

No. but in 4.19 it is possible.

TextusGames’ answer is the correct one for creating DataAssets through blueprints without requiring any c++ code.