Custom Crossbow weapon template keeps turning into standard bow??

I’m trying to make a custom Super Crossbow based off of modifying the vanilla crossbow, yet every time I learn the engram I made and craft it - it turns into the standard bow and arrow? Is this some sort of override if there’s an error in the crossbows (or in this case my custom weapons) code?

All the modifications are handled in my mods folder and is overridden by the world gamedata setting to my mods gamedata. ( So no Vanilla/Standard game content is being affected ).

I’ve added the item to the master item list for my mods gamedata.
I’ve added the item to the engram entry list for my mods gamedata.

My weapon has an engram BP, Weapon BP and WeapSuperCrossbow all of which properly reference each other. I can craft the item at level 1 with one piece of wood, but it turns into a bow & arrow instead of being the crossbow model.

Hey Astray,
You’ll also need a WeapCrossbow_Projectile for the bow, that may be the reason why it turns into a a normal bow and arrow. If that doesnt work then it might have to do with referencing. Always double and triple check that. Another thing to try is to make sure that the mesh you are using for the crossbow is in fact the crossbow and not bow and arrow. Hope this helps!

Mr.Pwndabear is on the right track;

Make sure that the weapon template inside of the primalitemsupercrossbow is set to your custom weapsupercrossbow as well (that is more than likely the culprit)