Custom Crossbow using Vanilla Arrows

Hello All,

I’ve stumbled upon an issue where I’m trying to create a new crossbow that can use vanilla stone arrows (and tranq, flame, etc).

I’ve noticed other people have this issue and it seems like I’ve only seen 2 real answers to this problem:

A. Make your own “copies” of the vanilla arrows and use those for the new custom crossbow. This could work but I don’t want to have several different types of arrows just based on what weapon you want to use. Especially if I use other mods that add their own arrows like Castles Keeps and Forts.

B. Override the core stone arrow PrimalItemAmmo_StoneArrow class and add my new weapon(s) to the “support drag onto item classes” and “ammo support drag onto weapon item weapon templates” lists. I feel like this is the worst option as wouldn’t overriding core assets in this way block support for other mods?

I’ve also seen some people recommend making the new crossbow a child object of the regular crossbow but they didn’t seem to get that to work.

Any help or advise you could provide would be helpful.


You can make a attachment for the other arrows so i have make this in my weapopn mod. it works great and you must dont replace the core files.