Custom crafting requirements WHY DON'T THEY WORK

I just Gotta see if anyone knows why this doesn’t work like you think it would

  1. If I use custom requirements on an item in the game it ADDS to cost to the base instead of replacing it… WHY!

  2. If I use custom requirements on an item, when crafting the item it doesn’t CONSUME the item. IE add custom requirements to say the pick lets add 4 oil to it. Now it will take the base + 4 oil but when you craft it … still ONLY uses the base. What am I doing wrong I want to craft using custom requirements without writing completely custom scripts for removing the costs, these leads to really bad problems when people remove the “costing” item from the bench before it completes it’s craft cycle PLUS it also lets them hit craft all as many times as they can before it uses them all up allowing for more items than they had resources which leads to EVEN more code to remove the items.

  3. Single player they don’t work at all so I have to write completely different things for singleplayer for my mod to work on both.

The reason I want to use a custom requirement is because I don’t want to effect the items in game I only want an alternate cost without making a dang copy of EVERY SINGLE item blueprint (child) and changing the base costs of them. I’ve tried getting help here before and never get any useful responses but here’s hoping

Might start here: