Custom Crafting Benches

Looking to find out how to set up a custom crafting bench, like an anvil or smithy, to have my custom craftables only craftable in that structure.

I believe I figured this one out for us Pwnda. After looking inside of PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench, I found Default Inventory Items and Default Engrams, which I believe make’s the engrams only craftable at that item.

that doesnt work sir lol

if you wanna make a custom smithy. create your custom smithy, then get the smithy inventory bp, dupe it edit it. then go to your item go to components, delete the inventory inside there then add new component and add your custom inventory

What exactly would you like to do?

(You can’t add vanilla items to these, without redoing vanilla items and overriding engrams and loot caches/dino drops)

If you want an anvil to make “new” items all you need to do is;

Duplicate all workbench files (core,engram,inventory,structure)
Link all new files and empty the default inventory items and default engrams
Create new items you want to craft in it, add them to the default inventory, and add an extra default engram (set it to 1 if you want them to need the engram)
On those new items, set their default inventory requirement to your new anvil. (I named mine the Super FABricator cause it was not playing well with others)
^ This makes it so the engram knows where to be made, and the item knows where to be repaired
Add the new Anvil to the structure placement list, add it to the master item list, and additional engrams and spawn one in the editor, place it down, and use giveengrams (so you learn everything) If you put in your custom items in the engrams, then they will appear in the anvil.

*Edit - I have a mod on the workshop with a custom mortar and pestle, custom anvil and custom fabricator for my new items i’ve added in, and don’t want to break the core reality of existence every time they add new crafted items ¬.¬

ok so my new structure is in and work but i want it to change what items it can allow in its inventory so i make it a new inventory bp but i cant get them to link where do i reference new structure to its new inventoy?

i had been searching around for that inventory refference/link too i had only found crafting requires inventory component but is not seems like is that one

Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Inventories/PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench.PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench’ is the inventroy bp to copy to your mod folder (for smithy) then inside that search for default inventory items and default engrams if you add an item that requires smithy.

Its a component. Delete the old one and “Add Component”


Good info, thank you, thank you, this is actually exactly what Mr.Pwndabear and myself we’re asking about. :smiley:

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