Custom Convex Hull for Skeletal Mesh?

I have a bone animated pistol and I would like it to use a simple convex hull attached to the root bone for collisions when it is dropped.

However, the physics asset editor only seems to only allow for automatically generated convex hulls.
How can I add a custom convex hull to a bone?


create a collision mesh in your 3d program, name it UCX_yourmeshname and export it with your mesh
then in the physics editor delete all bodys - add a single body - then you can add the custom collision mesh from your skelmesh.

Hmm, I was using a separate static mesh with a single triangle for the physics collision but setting that mesh to invisible. This might be the better way since it adds collision to the skeletal mesh directly.

It is pretty easy though to manage and do complex collections of convex meshes for a gun with many protrusions and still just use the static mesh import pipeline without extra steps of copy pasting convex hulls around.

That did it, thanks!

I should note that in order for it to work you have to have your mesh imported twice, once as a static mesh and once as skeletal. Then you can use the static meshes custom collision on the bone. You can then delete the static mesh.

You also need to uncheck the “One Convex Hull Per UCX” in the import mesh settings when you import or reimport your mesh to Unreal.

Can anyone give more detailed steps how to do this? It is rather general and not clear.