Custom configuration category from plugin is not applied in standalone game

I am trying to get a custom configuration category to work, I have:

UCLASS(config = Hello, defaultconfig, meta = (DisplayName = "Hello"))
class HELLO_API UHelloSettings : public UDeveloperSettings {

  UPROPERTY(config, EditAnywhere, Category = "Hello")
  TMap<uint32, FString> Data;

provided by a custom plugin in “Plugins/Hello”.

The configuration can be edited in “Project Settings > Hello” as expected (UDeveloperSettings registers the menus correctly).

The changes are saved in Config/DefaultHello.ini as expected.

Then the configuration can be retrieved with the following method

UHelloSettings const* Settings = GetDefault<UHelloSettings>();

When I run my game from the editor, the configuration values are also as expected and correspond to to the configured values under “Project Settings”.

My problem now is that when I run the game as a “Standalone Game”, which spawns a separate exectutable, the configuration values are not loaded correctly into UHelloSettings.
It seems like the class is default constructed.

If I manually add the settings to “Saved/Config/WindowsEditor/Hello.ini”, the settings are loaded correctly even
when I run it as a standalone game. However, this is not a valid workaround, since “Saved/Config/WindowsEditor/Hello.ini”
is automatically generated and should only show the difference between the current platform and the default settings.

Similar problems have been observed before, see How do you create and use a default custom config file for a plugin? .

Has anyone gotten a custom configuration category from a plugin to work completely?
Is there something I’m missing?
Or could it be that Unreal only supports a fixed set of configuration categories?

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inquiring minds want to know, bump!

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I took a bool instead of a TMap and everything works as it should in UE 5.1.