Custom component using Blueprints?

I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere but is it possible to make your own components such as Character Move component using Blueprints?

I have some functionality, such as various controllers. They don’t have any visual representation and there is no sense to spawn them in the level besides making them a part of a specific actor. Which means I have to re-build a logic of spawning them for different entires not derived from the same class tree.
For example, I have a FuelController which can be used in ships, submarines, airplanes and missiles. While first three objects can be derived from the same class tree, the last one missile is rather to be kept separately as I want it to be light weight as much as possible. I think turning FuelController into a component would make it much easier for me to manage functionality.

So can I build a component using blueprints or c++ is the only way to go in this case?

According to this:

“- Blueprintable components (EXPERIMENTAL!)”
We will have this feature very soon!