Custom collsion box alignment

Hi guys,

Just started exploring UE and encountered some issues regarding the custom collision boxes.

I have some objects with custom collision boxes made in Max, using the 3 import methods (known to me atm), all with their own flaws:

Import from Content Browser:
no problems here when ‘Transform Vertex to Absolute’ is active in the ‘FBX Import Options’ window. Only caviat is that I need to manualy place the asset

Import into Level:
Automatically places all the assets in the desired (DCC) location, but all the collision boxes are located around the local (DCC) pivot from the main asset.
I looked for the ‘Transform Vertex to Absolute’ switch within ‘Import to Level’, but I can’t find it.

This totally ignores the collision boxes and imports them as static meshes. The setup, scene and fbx are 1:1 identical that is used for the other import methods, so I guess no user errors here.
What I did notice is the fact that Datasmit renames the assets names in numbers. I could be plausible that this is the reason for not recognizing the collision boxes, since the naming restrictions (UCX_[object]_##) isn’t met.
I looked for an option that keeps the DCC’s object names, but this too I can’t find…

Spend last couple of hours searching this forum for these issue, but can’t find anything… I got a strong feeling I’m looking at the obvious without knowing :slight_smile:
Hope you can help me out on this one!

Is there no way to use custom collision boxes using the ‘Import into Level’ method?
Is there no way to use custom collision boxes using the ‘Datasmith’ method?
Or is it a bug?

Thanks in advance!