Custom collision types to specific tiles on a tilemap?

This doesn’t seem possible but it would certainly be very helpful. I could think of many advantages to this.

Didn’t get any initial responses on this so I’d like to bump the thread.

Being able to set a specific channel to each tile on a tilemap would be excellent. Perhaps if that’s a lot of work collision channel per layer could be another option.

This could be used for overlapping triggers, special blocking, a variety of task all done within the tilemap editor and without having to hand place individual sprite actors.

Hi Distul,

Thank you for your request. I have added a feature request, UE-20966, to be considered by the development staff.

Hey another one here ! It would be really help full to have more control over the collision on per tile basis such as channels etc. just like with single sprites, some of my tiles are floors witch I would like to have blocking everything and some are platforms witch I want to overlap the only way to achieve this now is to have separated PaperSprite actors witch is a kind of pain in the *** as some of my tile sets contains over 30 tiles, creating all of it and setting takes ages, or is there something I’m missing here ?