Custom Collision Shape

I’m making a 2d game in the beat-em-up perspective (like Golden Axe). This means my movement collision shape needs to be about 1/5th the size of my FlipBook and positioned at the bottom. I can achieve this with a box collision, but the player ends up getting snagged and stopped instead of being gracefully pushed around collisions in the level. I need a more rounded shape, but there are none that I can use. Both the sphere collision component and the sphere shape component can not be scaled without also scaling the attached FlipBook. Is there a simple way to make a custom collision shape blueprint component?

I can get a good result using custom collision on the sprite frame itself by placing vertices, but then I don’t have a collision shape to test for hits (unless I make my game about kicking people in the ankles). I can add multiple collision shapes, but I don’t see a way to assign them different channels. Is there one? To show you what I mean:

@anonymous_user_7f339497 Did you solve it somehow? I have the same issue, need two collision shapes for a sprite for different purposes (one for movement, one for hit testing). I see a way to add multiple shapes but no way to actually use them.

Is it using a 3D static mesh / collision shape? or is the shape only 2D? In Starter Content (can be migrated to project), there’s a folder “Shapes” that has a wide-rounded capsule mesh which already has simple+complex collision on it. It can also be rescaled, rotated, and has all the settings a typical static mesh has…so it would probably work if the collision shape is ok being 3D. Or try drawing a 2D version of its general shape when viewed from horizontal, and use that 2D one for collision. Use sockets for attaching one shape to another, and the mesh editor is where to create and set those.