Custom Collision-Shape Scene Component?

Would it be possible to have a collision component that allows a user to import and use a completely custom collision shape - or even better, could it separate the Collision of a Skeletal Mesh into it’s own component entirely, which would just use the Physics Asset of the mesh for it’s collision shape? The Collision itself would be an entirely new scene component, just like a Capsule for a Character.

The reason I ask is this is because I want to be able to implement client-side reconciliation for my vehicle movement component in Multiplayer. Following from Character Movements’ example, when the Client receives a large position change from the server, they snap the collision primitive to the new location, but slowly blend the visual mesh to the collisions’ position. This is essential for non-jerky, smooth position updates.

Unfortunately neither a Capsule, Box or Sphere really does the job when it comes to Vehicles (which can be all kinds of shape and size) - so the only option is Physics collision.

Either this, or some kind of custom collision component where you can import a collision shape, or select/modify more complex ones.