Custom Collision Question


Just a quick question, i’m setting up custom “hitboxes” by parenting collision capsules, boxes etc to the mesh and selecting a bone, i just wanted to check whether they can overlap? for example can the lower arm overlap the upper arm? etc

Many Thanks


Anyone? :confused:

Hi NigeySUK, it is not clear what are you asking, could you elaborate?

Sure, To set up hitboxes on our character, we have added collision capsules to various areas, arms,legs,chest etc, some of these collision capsule slightly overlap each other, and i’m just wondering if that overlap will cause problems or not, i’ve attached a link to the image of the character for clarity.


I’m fairly sure the mannequin already has colliders set for each body part (but I’ve never used them so I can’t tell you more).
Anyway, for example, if you make them react only to projectiles, the only problem I can think of is when a projectile will hit two overlapping colliders. I think it will pick the more external one. Would that be a problem?

Hi, I think you’re right about the mannekin, but this is more of a dry run before trying it with our own characters, if thats the only side effect that may occur i can live with that for the time being, my main concern was that is could mess with the ragdoll physics somehow, thanks alot for your help :slight_smile:


If you configure the collisions properly you shouldn’t have problem, I think. Bye!