Custom collision on destructible meshes?

Hi there,

Im currently working on a little project with destructible meshes and have run into an issue. I need to change the collision bounds on my destructible mesh and cant figure out how.

Could someone please explain to me how a destructible mesh goes about getting the bounds for its collision and how i can go about changing it. Preferably by avoding the code side of things.

Thanks for looking and for any possible help.

Hi :slight_smile:

I may be wrong but I believe you would adjust collision on it the same as with any other mesh.

Go to the actor’s blueprint, select the component who’s collision you wish to alter, and then in the details panel there’s a section on collision.

You probably also want the collision to work based on the root component of your blueprint, rather than on the mesh itself (things tend to work better when I use the root component for all interactions)

I’m somewhat of a beginner myself but since no one has answered yet I figured I’d try to give you some assistance, hopefully that will give some ideas how to adjust things :slight_smile:

Hi ,

There is a feature request in to be able to set custom collision for destruction meshes, similar to setting collision for static meshes in the mesh editor. Aside from that there is no way currently to change the collision shape of a destructible. You can also view and debug any collision issues with PhysX objects by hitting the ` key and entering “pxvis collision” to view PhysX collisions.

If you just need to change the collision presets for how collision works for a specific object you can set up your own collision channels in the project settings or use/edit the existing ones via the details panel for the selected object.

thanks for the reply! will just have to wait for the feature to be implemented then.

thanks a lot

Hello Tim,

Is there an ETA on this feature request? Can we expect to see it in 4.8?

There are no plans to add this feature request (UE-6140) at this time. Pretty much all Destructible requests are backlogged until a time that they can be focused on for a little while. If there is a crash or regression these are taken care of in a more timely manner.

You can follow the UE4 Roadmap here with the card that is specifically for this type of improvement for Destructibles: Trello