Custom collision mesh using c4d R20?

I use C4D and Modo depending on what I’m working on. But, Before I put tons of time in on exporting my meshes, Do I make Custom Collision Mesh’s the same way as you do in 3ds Max or Maya? Or do I need something extra for C4D? I googled and searched before coming here and there’s NOTHING about C4d or Modo for Ue4…There is ton’s for Unity…But as you know that’s not helpful…

No one here uses C4D??

^^I do.

Just follow these rules:

In Cinema you’d set up your mesh hierarchy as follows:


  • UCX_Name_01
  • UCX_Name_02
  • UCX_Name_03
  • UCX_Name_04

So all CM parts are child objects of the mesh.
Also they need to be closed convex objects, so better make sure that there are no open edges, inverted normals or concave shapes on them.
Set the phong angle to 180° and disable phong breaks just to make sure that the pieces are exported/imported properly.

Thank you kraid :slight_smile: Your awesome !!!

Hi! I know that this discussion dates back to two years ago, but I hope that somebody will read my question:

Are these rules for creating collision geometry also valid for importing the model from c4d into Unreal via Datasmith?

I tried to do this, but the collisions are imported as the indipendent Static Mesch Actors… And I can’t find any solution in the Unreal docs or in other forums.

Thanks in advance!

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