Custom collision/hitbox for destructible mesh from a pre-modeled wall with doorframe and holes in it to go/shoot trough it without getting blocked

Unreal Engine 4.25.4 (before 4.26)

Hello good people of the Internet! I want to ask everyone who can help me with my problem.

As the title already says, i have a custom modeled wall with a door frame in it and some bullet holes. After i made a destructible mesh from it, i noticed that this destructive wall has a hitbox which prevents me from going trough the door frame or shooting trough it.

My problem: I want to go/shoot trough it. I can´t. I need first to damage it until the first chunk will break off. Only then i am able to partially go/shoot trough it. That is not a problem if the wall is just a full wall.

My question: How can i give my destructible wall the same hitbox (complex, not simple) like the static mesh wall has?

I am planning to use the destructive wall inside a blueprint, so i can build a modular house, merge the meshes and copy and paste it wherever i want.

Any help is welcome! If you have a solution, pls tell me what nodes to use and how, if required. Don´t just say that i need to extract the hitbox and fine adjust collision edges or something. Y´know? Tell me HOW i can do it, not WHAT i need to do. For time efficiency reasons.

If you have any clarification questions, feel free to ask me. I may have explained it not good enough.
And yes. I am making a simple videogame :slight_smile:

Problem solved!