Custom collision/hitbox for destructible mesh from a pre-modeled wall with doorframe and holes in it to go/shoot trough it without getting blocked

Unreal Engine 4.25.4 (before 4.26)

Hello good people of the Internet! I want to ask everyone who can help me with my problem.

As the title already says, i have a custom modeled wall with a door frame in it and some bullet holes. After i made a destructible mesh from it, i noticed that this destructive wall has a hitbox which prevents me from going trough the door frame or shooting trough it.

My problem: I want to go/shoot trough it. I can´t. I need first to damage it until the first chunk will break off. Only then i am able to partially go/shoot trough it. That is not a problem if the wall is just a full wall.

My question: How can i give my destructible wall the same hitbox (complex, not simple) like the static mesh wall has?

I am planning to use the destructive wall inside a blueprint, so i can build a modular house, merge the meshes and copy and paste it wherever i want.

Any help is welcome! If you have a solution, pls tell me what nodes to use and how, if required. Don´t just say that i need to extract the hitbox and fine adjust collision edges or something. Y´know? Tell me HOW i can do it, not WHAT i need to do. For time efficiency reasons.

If you have any clarification questions, feel free to ask me. I may have explained it not good enough.
And yes. I am making a simple videogame :slight_smile:

Problem solved!

How did you solve this? I’m having a similar issue. :pray:


If i remember correctly, i learned that i can add a custom destructible damage model to my “pre-modeled wall with impact holes” destructible. I then learned that i can “crack” the wall model in blender (where i originally created it) with an… modifier?

So what did i basically do:
I think i cracked my wall into pieces with an modifier in blender. My “1 piece wall” mesh turned into… let´s say… 160 mesh pieces.
I then imported those 160 wall pieces as one mesh into unreal engine. I think.
And then i added the “160 pieces wall” as the damage mesh for my “1 piece wall”.
So whenever i damage my wall with the doorframe and impact holes (which i set as an destructible), the whole destructible model will switch to the “160 pieces wall model with the doorframe and impact holes”.

So basically this:

I shoot → “Wall with doorframe and holes” destructible → turns into “160 pieces wall with doorframe and holes” damage model (so basically the mesh changes to the 160 pieces model) → the custom hitbox for each of those 160 pieces comes with it → means that you can shoot even through the holes, after the original 1 piece wall mesh has been damaged. That means you can shoot off the wall piece by piece.

The only issue i encountered with this technique is, that it can happen that you will see little cracks on the 160 pieces model. It might look ugly, but it could be used as a look to signal or indicate that this wall has been damaged. So you may have to fix by slightly remodeling each piece. Also that means that the system will have to count more polygons and triangles to render.

If i explained something to obscure or confusing, you can find information on the custom damage model for an destructible inside unreal engine
and you can find information for the “cracking” modifier for meshes in blender
on YouTube.

I sadly :frowning: paused my project since i replanned my life decisions, but i wish you a lot of luck and great success on your project! :slight_smile:

There is also something with an chaos thing destruction or something from unreal engine. Might also wanna look into that.

But yeah. Great success on your project and let me know if it maybe becomes an available game of some sort!!!

Wow, thank you for a) responding so quickly, and b) with such detail! I appreciate it.

I’m actually using Chaos and it seems to be limited with custom collision in the same way. Currently I’m using a Geometry Collection set to kinematic so it doesn’t break and then when dealt damage it is converted to dynamic and falls apart. It works great for solid objects but I found that characters cannot move through doorways due to this collision limitation.

Originally I had planned on using the trick of swapping out a normal Static Mesh but up until now using a Geometry Collection has worked great. I may need to rethink this and double back on that idea though… You’ve given me a lot to consider.

Again, thank you for your response and support. I wish you success in whatever you’ve decided to do!

Thank you and good luck!!!