Custom Collision channels seemingly set up properly but aren't calling overlap or hit evens.

Hello there, so I have a archery game. The player arrows seem to work fine but the enemy AI arrows don’t. I do believe I have the correct collision setup. I am using custom collision channels too. The archers use a projectile component to shoot straight at the player. If the arrow collides with the players collision the player takes damage. I am trying to use the complex collision as simple. I do not need a super efficient answer, I would like a quick an effective one. I know I could create a custom collision channel in a 3D software, but I have other things I need to do as well. I just want to get complex collision as simple to work please. There are not many objects using this type of collision and my frame rate requirement is fine. The Collision handling override when the arrow is spawned in the AI is set to “Try to adjust location but always spawn” I also have the view port view mode set to “Player collision” and can see the arrow’s collision in editor. I’m so stumped. If you require more data or screenshots don’t hesitate to ask.

I am currently trying to get the castle, and player to block, however no collision events are being called at all. The pictures will show the collision arguments for actors, and meshes.

Hi @J3WD4Z,
Try first to print someting on the screen when they colide. You can add this on your character BP and see if it work if an arrow hit you.

I have already, it’s just in the section of the blueprint you can’t see. Everything already has prints.