Custom Collision Boxes

Im having a hard time understanding how to have a custom collision box or if it’s even possible. I have a floor with a hole and the automatic collision boxes just aren’t working out for. How can I control the collision boxes or even have my own box?


If you take a look at the “ShooterGame Example” on the marketplace. If you take a look at the level “High Rise” you can see they didn’t really use collision boxes per mesh, but they used Blocking Volumes and went into “edit” mode to be able to align the blocking volumes around the meshes them selves. I think that way will also block cameras from going through the meshes and allowing the players to see through walls, usually happens in 3rd Person games.

Hopefully this helps.

Or open up your mesh in the editor, go to the top where it says “Collision” then choose “Auto Convex Collision” then tweak those values to try and get what you want.

I’ll take a look at ShooterGame Example. As for the “Auto Convex Collision”, I tired adjusting this, but it didn’t give me exactly what I needed. The number this can be increased was 24, and it looked like I needed it to go higher. There is no way to manually move the collision box in the mesh editor is there?

Thanks for replying by the way.

I’m pretty sure you can add a bunch of cube collision boxes in the mesh editor thing and just do it that way, pretty much the same way you’d do with the Blocking Volumes, and later on will be better for optimization of your game. If you could figure out how to do you own custom collision in your 3D program like Blender, Maya etc. It’d be even better, but I do not know how to do it.

I figured out how to do it from 3D . You have to create a separate geometry that you want to be your collision box, and name it after the object it will be the collision for, but you need to put UCX_ in front of the name. For example if I have a Gun called “MyGun”, then I need to have a collision box named “UCX_MyGun”. Then when they are exported via fbx into Unreal, “MyGun” will have the collision box from automatically applied.

Oh ok sweet, glad you figured it out. Now if only I knew how to do it for Blender =)

Take a look at this tutorial: :slight_smile:

The shameless self promotion haha, but it did help me. I sort of figured it was the same way in Blender as it is with Maya/3DS etc. Thanks for being so active with the community, I have used your tutorials for other things in my games as well.

I’m going to be modelling and import my own gun meshes to the ShooterGame example using your method. Quick question, that video showing how to import your own custom gun meshes into UE4 is sort of old I think like 9 months or so, has it gotten easier to do it, or is it still basically the same way? Or is there a better way?

It should still work the same way (you just dont have to do the part with 3ds ) :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the video. I was pretty much doing everything mentioned in the video, except with , so this helps knowing I was doing it correctly.