Custom collision boxes with controllable vertices?

I’m sure this has been asked and yes i have done searching but no one’s really asked it in a way i recognize as the same question.

Is it possible to generate collision boxes and control them on a vertex by vertex basis rather than simplified uniform scaling the whole **** thing in one shot? my objects tend to be fairly complex and allowing UE4 to auto generate collision upon import doesn’t really help as certain things like HOLES exist with in my objects that allow you to move through them like CAVES for instance. But the holes aren’t uniform in their size and shape and angle. Is there a way to generate and control collision boxes in more detail?

You can actually specify a static mesh to function as the collision mesh, as I recall.

So, yes, but you’ll be doing that complex vertex editing in your 3d editing software, not UE.

i see. I must look into how to do that than. I have caves in my current scene and every time i import it and it auto generates collision it creates a giant box around it blocking off the entrance. (yes i understand you can disable auto generate but it sets it as a good base before i start setting up my own collision manually.)

There are multiple ways to create collision mesh:

  1. Generate simple collisions in StaticMesh Editor window
  2. Use Complex collision(Real mesh data) instead of simple collision
  3. Use custom created collision in 3d software

Here is video that covers 1st and 2nd methods
And this is for 3rd

I think you could use 2nd method if your mesh is not very complex. I’ve used it in my cave-mini-system with meshes deformed by spline and it worked correctly!

wow Thank you for the assistance!

Here is also our documentation for setting up custom collision as well: FBX Static Mesh Pipeline in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

*Feature request:

Would still be nice to have vertex-editing on collision hulls. Adds more flexibility. Also, a tint toggle to show them shaded at half-opacity, for easier placement.

Thank you!


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