Custom Class for Blueprint similar to Blueprint Interfaces?

I think a custom class system without the need for programming would be very useful, ie. the ui is similar to the blueprint interface ui except that instead of adding functions, you add variables. That class can be used like any other class (actor, static mesh, blueprint) where it has it’s own variables (as defined previously) so that you could have, for example, a weapon class, in which you have variables for ‘MaxAmmo’ and ‘Damage,’ etc… And you could have, for example, an array of them within the player blueprint, so you could easily create a new weapon where you just specify the mesh you want to use, damage it gives, etc…

I hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:

Well, I think blueprint itself is a implementation of custom class concept ._.

Not really. Blueprint is just a visual scripting language, in actual C++ or Java programming, for example, you can create a seperate script and use it it the first one, like the weapon I said before ^^ :slight_smile:

And C++ is just a programming language :stuck_out_tongue:
But… You can create a variable inside Blueprint and then assign instance of another Blueprint, so what the problem?

And this is ezample of major problem blueprint community which i see in anwserhub… they not even aware of what blueprint is.

Blueprint is valid class as same as c++ class, by making actor blueprint you create a child class of actor codwd in c++, later you can use that class to create new child classes based of it… same as in C++. You create item class blueprint based on actor, add nessesery varables and functions, then you create weapon class with nessery stuff and then youcreate weapon blueprints from that weapon class qhich player class can use.

I think your main problem is that you never tried to check custom classes tab in blueprint selection window ; p

As zeOrb and Shadowriver said, you can/should use Blueprints to make custom classes in the editor. There is even an accelerated path during compilation for such ‘Data-Only Blueprints’, which skips most of the work and just rebuilds a new CDO.

You should also check out the data table assets, which are great if you’re creating a lot of instances of a common structure, such as item data coming from a spreadsheet. Those aren’t currently well exposed to Blueprints, although some support will be coming in 4.3 (see the engine news, and we hope to allow use with custom structs defined in the editor in the future as well.

Michael Noland

Yeah, I never thought of using a data only BP! thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the sort of logic behind it :slight_smile:

Thank you for bringing the data only assets to my attention :slight_smile: